Lundgren Lindqvist

Swedish design bureau Lundgren+Lindqvist have an eye for smart minimalism that manifests in great, exacting print and digital work.

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Working out of Gothenberg, Andreas Lundgren, Carl-Johan Lindqvist and their team have been producing comprehensive branding, illustration and both print and digital design for their clients for the last five years.

From their site: ‘We believe that good design is more than ink or pixels on a surface; it is understanding how a message is received and experienced. By identifying the essence of that experience, we can create efficient and interesting communication that is uniquely conceived for each project. We embrace the constantly evolving possibilities of digital design, and approach web design with the same attention to detail as we do in print.’

Their work is strikingly simple and clean, and as is the case with any good minimalist approach; everything unnecessary has been thought over and removed, leaving only the most necessary elements to shine through.

Take a look over the detailed print and digital case studies for their recent projects; Oslo based boutique Maru and Stockholm based photographer Oskar Kullander for a glimpse into their process and methodology.


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Editorial layout with Drew Wheeler for Hope St Magazine story Mixed Medley.

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I am very excited to announce a series of five limited edition art prints of recent Magnasoma pieces. Signed and numbered in editions of 25 or 30 these C-Type photographic prints are spectacularly produced on a range of metallic, gloss and matt archival papers and printed by The Printspace in London.

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The Anatomy of Story is a masterclass in scriptwriting for film by screenwriter John Truby. This poster illustrates the five story arcs Truby described in the opening chapter of his book; likening them to processes and elements found in natural and man-made environments.

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The way creatives learn and develop their skill has changed; coffee-table design books are dead and increasingly the resources designers rely on are becoming digital and transient. As purely print-based periodicals like Grafik and ID close, creatives are nurturing their own digital resources to keep track of their inspiration and to understand trends and new directions in design. And it is in this space that the creative becomes curator.

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Spanish artist Vermibus’ work begins and ends in the street. By manipulating the image through removing the flesh of his subjects, Vermibus dehumanizes those figures that were already depersonalized, but he is, in fact trying to find the aura of the individual, the personality that was lost.

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“We don’t want it to look like a financial services website, and… iPad!” And with these words the brief began. City-based firm Advies are award-winning Independent Financial Advisors who asked us to help them explain themselves.

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Verona-based Happycentro have been doing some interesting things with origami recently. The Italian studio were recently asked to design and produce a unique invitation for the opening of Louis Vuitton’s Osaka store in Japan. The result is a paper object featuring complex origami folds and a variety of printing and foil/film blocking techniques.

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Scott Pommier

Scott Pommier’s work echoes the halcyon days of the late sixties American motorcycle culture and he very naturally fits into the scenes he’s shooting; his camera chasing the instant, rather than composed for it.

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